b2b marketing tools

B2B marketing tools

What are the most important B2B marketing tools in 2021?

In 2020, our relationship with the digital world was once turned completely upside down. Suddenly, most of us were dependent on it. Not only were we convinced of the efficiency of digital tools, but by now we can’t do without them. In 2021, marketing tools are more compact, faster and more efficient. In this post, you will learn from us which marketing tools will be particularly in focus!


Through webinars, you gain in two key benefits: You generate leads and strengthen your customer relationships.

Not only do you inform your customers and potential new customers as an expert on a specific topic, but at the same time you increase your chances of extended reach and increased trust in your brand and product. The big focus here is to sell yourself as an expert and to offer your customers an added value after the completion of the webinar with which they can reinforce their own product in the future. They can position themselves as a brand and pass on expert tips or “secrets” that their customers cannot obtain elsewhere.

Meanwhile, 16% more companies are using webinars as a marketing tool, as statistics show that around 92% of webinar providers are seeing success.

In contrast, in 2019, only 81% said they were seeing success with webinars. This shows that a lot has happened in the last year and the importance of webinars has increased enormously. Thus, they also became the most efficient marketing tool in 2020.

However, webinars are not only focused on attracting new customers, but are also a significant marketing tool for maintaining existing customers. Three ways you can use webinars to benefit existing customers are:

– Provide information on current topics

– Present new products and services

– Showing application examples of your product

If you haven’t used webinars before, you probably need to familiarize yourself with the technical component first. Which software is best used ? How to guarantee optimal video and audio quality ? And can my webinar be recorded so that listeners can access it at a later date and possibly reach additional listeners ?


Whitepapers are becoming increasingly relevant these days, alongside video-based tools. They are considered one of the most important content marketing tools that leave your readers with great added value. Here, the reader does not get information on the basis that he is a future customer, but it is completely enough to have interest in the topic and leave his contact details to get to the content of the whitepaper.

“A whitepaper is a long technical article that is between 5 and 15 pages long. This is made available to users free of charge and is intended to provide interesting insights into a specialist topic.”

Exciting topics for a whitepaper can be taken from the following sources, for example:

– current trends

– new events and happenings

– basic topics of an industry

– future trends

Hybrid events and product presentations

What is the best way to hold hybrid events ? How do I present my product in such a way that customers become interested in it and want to buy it ?

In order to hold a successful hybrid event or even a successful virtual exhibition, you first need the right digital tools. But which are these ? Nowadays we have various tools that can be converted into expressive product presentations, virtual exhibition stands and sales appointments with the right know-how.

Whether it is lectures at universities, concerts or product presentations – today everything is offered in digital form. Especially in today’s times when we have to adhere to contact restrictions and distance regulations, this form of event is crucial. It also eliminates long journeys, high travel costs and the environmental impact of traveling and transporting equipment.

Instead, it is now possible for us to work flexibly from anywhere in the world. We have become flexible and have learned to use the possibilities of the digital world to further represent companies and ourselves internationally and to build a stronger presence.

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