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What is a 3D interactive presentation?

Visual product presentations are pivotal if you are in the business of selling any physical product or estate. People simply want and need to see what they purchase and visuals are processed 40% better and 60K times faster than text.

Due to the multiple benefits of 3D product presentation, it has experienced a significant improvement in recent years, due to its multiple benefits. It has become more affordable and adaptable to meet the requirements of companies. It has helped businesses attract attention to their brand and boost online sales.

Buyers hesitate to purchase a product online, even if they like it due to lack of understanding as they have no chance to examine and test it thoroughly like in a brick-and-mortar store. Therefore, oftentimes prospects prefer to go offline and choose something in a good old physical shop.

What are 3D interactive presentations for?

This approach to providing data about a brand, product or object, events or changes is guaranteed to affect memorability and loyalty.

The 3D presentation allows to demonstrate to the customer:


Marketing and sales activities, such as:

  • Open house tours
  • Customer Visits
  • Virtual Trade Fair

Virtual Presentations of physical products, such as:

  • Machineries
  • Appliances
  • Clothing

Virtual  Presentations of research results and projects such as:

  • Scientific research
  • College Projects

Benefits of Using 3D product presentation

It is important to understand the benefits that VR can bring to your organization/business to maximize the use of your VR software. Below are the benefits of adding VR into your sales and marketing mix.


    • Accessibility anytime and anywhere
    • Easy and quick setup preferably plug-and-play
    • Intuitive user interface and experience
    • Simple setup in a standard office environment without significant space requirements
    • Easy to share your content to anyone internally or externally via share links
    • Increased sales, higher retention
    • Significant cost reduction
    • Easily update and introduce new modules

How to create a successful 3D product presentation

  1. Use Silo and Hero Shots to Communicate the Benefits of an Item

“Silo” (aka “knock out,” “cut out”, “white seamless”) is an industry term for images shot presenting the goods in the white background to help customers grasp all their characteristics in detail without distracting on some other things around.. Unlike a traditional silhouette, the subject is lit, and the benefit of the silo is that the subject can be easily extracted from the background for a myriad of uses.


“Hero” shot is generally a photo or a video and should clearly show benefits and context of use. The only difference from the previous type is that an object is surrounded by other things that explicitly enhance its benefits.


  1. Utilize Lifestyle Shots Bring About Emotional Resonance

Don’t just sell and market your product, sell them an experience or lifestyle. Stand out from your competition by capturing your audiences’ attention and carefully engaging them in communication with the brand. As a result, you promote brand loyalty. Through Interactive 3D presentation, you lead the consumer to the product and make their experience interesting and memorable.


  1. Include 360° Product View to your strategy

A 360-degree view of the product is a powerful feature that businesses and marketers can apply to their website, landing page, or social media page. This will make the buyers experience the product themselves.


  1. Offer a Fun and Information Interactive Product Presentations

Product presentations can make or break your success. Provide your clients with an immersive 360 experience, ensuring that all their needs are met in a fun and engaging way.


  1. Customization and Customer Engagement

Customize your products for each individual market and you can easily engage your customer by providing them with an unforgettable experience.

Reasons to use 3D animation for your product presentation


Interactive 3D Presentations are much more cost-effective than traditional presentations as you can save resources for organisation and travel expenses and reach more customers in the same amount of time.


Unique and unforgettable product experience

Capture the attention and carefully engage in communication with your target market. Promote brand loyalty. Lead the consumer to the product and make their experience interesting, fun, and interactive.


Sell your product 24/7

3D product presentation allows your products to be available all day long. The time difference is no longer a dilemma for you, especially if you are selling your products globally.


High-Quality Visualization

Pictures were the most used in terms of product visualization, however, recent innovations require us to use more than images. Create a hyper-realistic representation of virtually any product or idea. A 3D model can showcase your product and all its features by creating a hyper-realistic representation of virtually any product or idea.


Explains your product better

Reduce the complexities for you and your clients. It allows you to explain your product easily and its use, in a faster and more direct way, to understand what your product is about.  A short but clear animation can explain everything better than a lengthy text.


Easily Scalable to Fit Your Needs

Traditional presentations are usually harder to scale as it requires you to update your printed medium. Interactive 3D presentations can be resized to fit any form, you can use the same model on a business card or on a massive billboard.

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