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Create interactive product presentations, events and tours, digitalise sales and marketing, save resources and inspire more customers! is the only platform that offers the full spectrum of solutions for virtual marketing and sales experiences.

Product presentations in 3D – simple, quick and interactive



With you give customers access to your products in a virtual space. Interactive: With its 3D technology lifts your product experience to another level Scalable: Create showrooms in which you can exhibit your full range of products. Customers can not only see the products, they can twist and turn them and try out features.
Customer communication is handled by an integrated tool. Answer questions via conversations using the integrated calendar tool. Compliance: is fully GDPR compliant.

Hold virtual and hybrid events

With for events you can hold events of any size virtually, be they product launches, trainings and workshops or team meetings. With just a few clicks you can create suitable rooms for your planned event. The integrated communications tool allows you to talk to your audience directly via audio, video or text

Interactive tours through production sites, companies museums and properties

Create a more vivid experience by adding information in text, image or video format to objects on the tour. This allows you to automate a large part of the tour and guarantees consistency in external communications.

Get started immediately and create virtual experiences with

A few simple steps lead the way to first successes, no matter whether you are looking to organise a product presentation, a workshop or an entire trade fair in the virtual space.

Does it require expert
knowledge to use

No! You can easily build yourself without programming or design knowledge. We rely on our intuitive user interface where you simply build up individual logical steps using drag and drop. For example, if you require that upon clicking on a door a pdf document opens, you can add this by setting up this feature in the backend. Simply click on the door in the backend and add the document required via the relevant button.

The basis for virtual rooms and products is the 3D file you upload in the backend following your registration for

No special infrastructure is required. operates online and is hosted on our own servers. You access the interface through your web browser.

The use of only requires a device with internet access and a web browser as well as the access code you generate in the backend for the participants.

Carry Hybrid presentations anywhere with StageBox+

With StageBox+ we odder a hybrid solution for interactive product presentations, which you can carry around or send to customers.

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