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With you present interactive 3D models, which react to user input, so that your customers can not only see, but also sample your products. Create entire showrooms, in which customers and partners can explore your product portfolio in all its aspects. Save resources for organisation and travel expenses and reach more customers in the same amount of time.
With you let your products speak for themselves. If questions do come up, you can help your customers with the integrated, GDPR compliant, communications tool via video, audio or text message.

4 simple steps to get you started:

Setup and access your virtual presentation, anytime, anywhere on any internet enabled device.

Easy to Navigate Platform that even non-technical users can upload and create the virtual presentation with just a few clicks.

Low threshold access for any
customer at any time

There is no need for a powerful computer in order to use All that is required a internet enabled device with a browser.
That way you can access at any time from anywhere: be it at home or in the office, via smartphone, tablet or your PC.
Naturally, the same applies to your customers.
It is also possible to integrate into an existent website. That way all your customers can experience your products, rather than just see them.
To ensure that you reach a global audience, can be set up in multiple languages and store content
in different languages for different types of customer groups.

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The next step: Create a virtual trade fair can be extended with modules, which allow you to create and perform complete events and tours in a cirtual environment. For instance, you can finish a product presentation with a tour of your production site or simply implement it into a launch event. can also be utilised in a way that combines your partners‘showrooms and products to create a fully-fledged tade fair, which reaches far more people and also saves resources. The intuitive interface makes the set up of events very simple. Create different rooms, for networking, workshops or one to one conversations, and comfortably communicate with others via video, audio or text messages.

The best of both worlds: Hybrid presentations with

With StageBox+ you have the right tool to master the challenges of digital transformation and make your sales and marketing teams more digital. Our StageBox+ is a system that combines the advantages of AR product presentations and a mobile, carry around exhibition stand.

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