Direct Sales 2.0:

This is why StageBox+ is worthwhile

Create AR experiences that will be remembered.

Win over your customers with all 5 senses. Your product as an AR experience is more than a great sales text or an emotional video. It makes the product not just imaginable, but tangible.

Full control over the customer journey

With your hybrid product presentation, you create a tailored customer journey over which you have full control at all times. You use the full range of communication tools: from telephone calls and video chats to digital presentations.

Selling complex products more cost-effectively

Instead of attending trade fairs, sales staff and customers simply sit at their computers. Long journeys and high travel costs are eliminated. This reduces the burden on the environment, and your sales team has more time to attend more appointments and win more new customers.

Get the update for your sales:

This is how you get the StageBox+


Book an appointment with our advisors. Coordinate your needs.


You will receive an initial concept and offer as a basis for your decision. If you have any questions, our advisors are there to help you.


They accept the offer. The details are agreed, the model produced, the AR application programmed.


You receive your StageBox. In the future, you will inspire interested parties with interactive presentations for which your customers do not even have to leave the office.

The trade fair of the future is digital

Trade fairs are an important place in the sale of products that require explanation, because it is often the first point of contact with a product. You present yourself and your services and practically demonstrate the function of your products. However, this element is also associated with high costs in B2B sales. However, it seems to have no alternative: Who would buy large machines or complicated technologies over the Internet - only on the basis of a product description and an explanatory video?

This is where we come in with the StageBox+. The StageBox+ is the trade fair 2.0: mobile, efficient, customisable. With StageBox+, you present virtual models of your products and offer customers and prospects a dynamic and individual experience they won't get from any of your competitors.

Scalable direct sales:

Sell more products more efficiently and at lower cost.

With digital transformation, it's not just customers who are becoming more demanding. As a business, you need to become more agile and able to respond flexibly and quickly to dynamic situations.

With StageBox+ you save time and money for elaborate sales presentations on site at the customer or at trade fairs. Instead, you always have the presentation with you. You organise all presentations flexibly from the office. Use video chat to contact prospects and arrange appointments. Your prospects then experience products virtually in 3D and interact with the model conveniently via iPad thanks to modern AR technology.

The StageBox+ thus helps you decouple direct sales from the customer's location, making it more scalable. Sales staff who don't have to drive from customer to customer complete more appointments in the same amount of time.

Better customer journey for existing channels

As a tool for sales and marketing, the StageBox+ offers a unique and interactive experience for events and customer journeys of all kinds. Realistic modeling and augmented reality make the StageBox+ a viable alternative to costly trade show appointments and time-consuming sales calls. But of course it also enriches the classic sales business. Simply use the StageBox+ from trade fairs, events and appointments, stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your prospects.

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