Create virtual tours

Simple. Multimedial. Interactive.

Plan and create virtual tours with just a few clicks

With you can create virtual and interactive tours with just a few clicks and no need for expert IT knowledge. This allows you to model a tour that is true to detail. Simply use recordings of existing rooms to transfer them into virtual reality as 3D models. That way even complex tours appear detailed and real life like.

Thanks to technology you simply connect a certain area with a certain function in the backend. If, during a tour, a customer clicks on a product, you choose whether they see a user manual, a video or listen to an audio snippet.

Create virtual discovery tours through production sites, museums or properties

This is how :

With you can digitalise factory tours, exhibitions or real estate viewings with just a few clicks

Tours for anyone, any time and anywhere thanks to automation

Via the integrated communications tool you can talk to your attendees using audio, video or text messages. Answer questions and explain important aspects directly on For a more engaging tour you can add information in the form of texts, pictures and videos to any object.

That way you can implement educational content, complex technical explanations or a video that answer frequently asked questions.On one hand that gives you the opportunity to go deeper into a content matter in a targeted way, on the other hand you can achieve a high level of automation which will save resources long term.

Achieve more than with an analogue tour goes far beyond the possibilities of analogue tours. It allows you to effortlessly create different scenarios.
Real estate agents, for example, can show properties with a number of different interior designs. can also show areas
that would have had to stay shut to the general public under normal circumstances.

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Creating satisfied customers with virtual product experiences

Make use of our optional tool for virtual 3D product presentations to continue the chain of thought of the virtual tour. Add a virtual showroom at the end of a tour in which you can show one or more of your products.

Complete event experiences for your customers

With the event module you can link tours to seminars, lectures, trade fairs and workshops, thereby creating a unique event experience customer will remember. With just a few clicks on your dashboard you can create lectures, discussions and networking opportunities in dedicated rooms or include live streams or content of partner also using

That saves you time and money for the organisation of events, but you will still reach a global audience and have no need to cancel appointments because of capacity bottlenecks.

The best of both worlds:
Hybrid presentations with StageBox+

With StageBox+ you have the right tool to master the challenges of digital transformation and make your sales and marketing teams more digital. Our StageBox+ is a system that combines the advantages of AR product presentations and a mobile, carry around exhibition stand.

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