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Inbound Marketings

The best-known and most widespread B2B marketing approach is inbound marketing. This is about generating attention from potential customers with expressive information about the company. This should support the buying decision process. Inbound marketing is therefore about building trust with the customer and getting the customer to choose the company on their own.

Inbound marketing offers customers what they are currently looking for, taking into account changes in our behaviour that have become established in recent years. The reason for this is that the internet has developed into a huge knowledge database that we can access at any time. The search engines – first and foremost Google – help us with this, and we are used to finding answers to all our questions there. Today, when we are confronted with problems, we turn to an Internet search engine in search of the solution.

Meanwhile, potential customers have the opportunity to interact with you via email, chat and other channels. In doing so, you can prove your competence by providing further information and resources and offering excellent service.

The individual phases of inbound marketings

– Attract: use relevant and helpful content and conversations to target qualified prospects and establish yourself as a trusted advisor.

– Interact: provide potential customers with the exact information and solutions they need based on their goals, increasing their willingness to buy. 

– Inspire: help customers use your product optimally and successfully.

Inbound marketings strategies

Inbound marketing strategies to attract your target audience and buyer personas are predominantly found in online marketing and are built on content creation and development.

To reach your target audience, you must first identify them and create content that engages them online and provides real value. This can be blog posts, content offers, lead generation white papers or social media posts. To help you identify your target audience, take a look at the blog post we created on B2B customers

You can then optimise them by creating an SEO strategy for your company. In search engine optimisation, you target your content to specific keywords and search terms related to your products or services, or the problems they solve. It also shows how you are helping your target audience.

Your content and information will then organically appear on search engine results pages when internet users search for that information – automatically reaching exactly the right customers for your business.

How to expand your inbound marketings in five steps: 

1. gain traffic – create search engine friendly content to show up at the top of search results!
2. convert visitors into leads – entice visitors with a call-to-action to leave their contact details and be converted into a lead.
3. convert leads into sales – analyse your new leads and offer them a suitable offer and content, e.g. through e-mail marketing.
4. convert customers into returning customers – offer customers an optimal buying experience and communicate new services and products to the customer.
5. optimise through continuous analysis – In order to deliver an optimally adapted marketing experience to customers, you need to be constantly up to date and analyse your customers and target group.

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