online events

Online events

An alternative to fairs in times of Corona

Covid-19 is currently keeping the whole world busy. Trade fairs, events and functions are being cancelled or postponed well into the autumn of the year. But what exactly is meant by the alternative “online event”?
An online event is an event that takes place virtually via the internet. The organisers and participants all connect online to follow a concert or conference live together, for example.
Virtual events are roughly divided into two types: live broadcast and video call/video conference.
A live broadcast is a one-to-many event, while a video call is a one-to-one or one-to-some event. The live broadcast is therefore intended for a very large audience, while the video call involves a limited, manageable number of people.
Typically, the terms online conference and virtual summit are also used for larger events where several small events are offered one after the other on the same day. These are, for example, lectures or workshops on a superordinate topic.
In the B2B sector, the term webinar is also used, which typically lasts 30-45 minutes and is filmed on a topic. Participants can ask questions, vote and answer small surveys via a chat function.

What are the advantages of online events?

– Currently, of course, the biggest advantage of virtual events is that it avoids the spread of coronavirus. The planned events can still take place, just online.

– Virtual conferences save both time and money in planning and implementation. You don’t have to rent a location, hire staff for the organisation on site, take care of accommodation, etc. You also don’t have to spend time travelling. In addition, travel time is eliminated

– You can expand the pool of potential speakers by holding an online event. An online summit is a smaller commitment than a face-to-face event.


Hosting an event online can be challenging, but the global pandemic has quickly made it the norm. 2020 was a big year for virtual events, although the format is still relatively new for many organisers. Virtual interactivity is one of the biggest challenges , so it is important to make the digital event fresh and exciting to differentiate virtual events from simple webinars and keep attendees interested.
It is possible to host successful virtual events as most live events are put on hold indefinitely. With that in mind, here are virtual event ideas to draw inspiration from when planning your next online event.

5 tips on how to make your online events effective without participants getting bored

1. Real-time illustrations during the event – Use illustrations or 3D views to show how your products are built and work. This is a good interactive alternative to product presentations for (new) customers. Talented illustrators create live artwork during the product presentation that is entertaining, informative and above all shareable on social media. These illustrations can also be used for a review or summary of your event.

2. health and wellbeing activities – many people have struggled with physical and mental health during the pandemic, and incorporating these types of activities into their event is a great way to shake things up and provide unexpected benefits to attendees. At our virtual events we like to incorporate a fun workout break to get all the online participants moving.

3. online speed networking – Like speed dating, virtual speed networking allows participants to meet each other for a short time to make new contacts. Participants are divided into private virtual rooms. The best results are achieved with a networking platform such as, which allows participants to follow each other and thus allows for longer conversations.

4. audio-only discussions – audio-only social networks or audio-first events are on the rise because many people are experiencing zoom fatigue. Audio-first apps facilitate spontaneous networking as they allow people to have conversations while walking the dog or looking after the kids.

5. surprise home delivery – This can be a small gesture to visitors, or preparation material for the upcoming event. These can be sent in the form of information material (brochures, white paper etc.) or even coffee mugs and a pen + pad set. No matter what it is, everyone is happy about a small unexpected gesture!

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