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Digital exhibition

Are digital exhibition a real alternative?

In times of digitalisation, the question naturally arises: Do we still need trade fairs?
Is it worth the huge costs of a stand and/or transporting staff?

In the meantime, new communication tools have given us far-reaching possibilities that offer us the experience of a trade fair and save us money at the same time. Isn’t it time that the trade fair industry also started to move with digitalisation? To move forward and create new opportunities for traders in this world on the international market and to position themselves at digital trade fairs? 

Digital exhibition as the-new-normal 

The current trend is towards digital trade fair marketing. The internet is ideal for the presentation of digital trade fairs due to its characteristics, such as the location-independent transmission of information, and offers a high degree of interactivity and multimedia.

At present, however, deficits are still apparent in practice, which can influence the use of digital (substitution) trade fairs over a longer period of time. This is due to the fact that currently the object presentation as well as the communication offer at digital fairs are still behind expectations. 

Nevertheless, digital exhibition are a real alternative to real trade fairs and offer advantages for companies and visitors. It is now up to the companies to intensively work out these advantages and to offer the visitors a distinctive added value compared to the real trade fair.

Many aspects of digital trade fairs are similar to those of traditional trade fairs. Thus, the registration of participants, the possibility of exchange and networking and the presentation of the product. 

However, if companies want to organise a digital trade fair or an event that professionally reflects the company’s value and is customisable, a platform such as is a good choice. 

Here, virtual exhibition stands can be created, enabling exhibitors to bring their product or service directly to the customer. It covers all the important factors of the fair and offers a common place for networking, presentations and webinars.

The digital version of the original trade fairs lends itself very well to new customer acquisition and customer retention. 

With digital trade fairs, the content is presented worldwide and can be accessed 24/7 for a certain period of time, whereas with a real event, access is available for a limited time. This offers a greater reach in target group-oriented marketing.

The technical equipment must be right – the example of Gamescom

Even today, large events, such as the recent Gamescom, can be mapped with this technology.

However, the example also shows the high complexity of this format. While small virtual events can be held appropriately with video conferencing systems, digital trade fairs with a size of 500 or more participants place high demands on planning, technical equipment, scalability, content and event management. 

Those who do not create the necessary conditions here can experience unpleasant surprises and achieve the exact opposite instead of qualified pipeline input and an increase in image and awareness.

Digital events are here to stay 

Much like the home office, digital trade fairs have come to stay. They will not remain a temporary phenomenon, but they will not completely displace physical events either. The future of events is hybrid: physical, where the focus is on spontaneous, informal exchange, and digital, where it’s about high-reach, highly scalable presentations.

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