the klardenker team introduces itself:

Viktoria - a portrait of our project manager

Tell us a few words about yourself: How did you come to think clearly and what appeals to you about sustainability?

In my search for a company that differs from the majority, I came across klardenker GmbH.

The refreshing team and the individual handling of new orders and customers convinced me absolutely. Here we think differently: There is no one scheme that is applied to every customer. Each time a new approach or processing of individual tasks is created, which is always perfectly adapted to the customer. For me, this is a new form of effective thinking. 

The clear thinkers live up to their name because the topic of sustainability is always clearly included. I think this is especially important in this industry, which is growing all the time. Why, for example, do you make trade fair stands that reflect the face of a company not only of very high quality, but also of reusable materials? That's exactly what the clear thinkers do.

What do you do first when you come to the office in the morning and what does an ordinary working day look like?

When I come to the office in the morning, we first discuss everything that was and still is pending in a cheerful atmosphere in order to achieve the best possible results together. That works best with a fresh cup of coffee. 

There is almost no ordinary working day. We don't work according to a single principle, but adapt everything to the respective project. Every working day is different and exciting. There is no monotonous everyday life here.

Effectiveness is an important topic in project management. Are there certain tools you work with to increase effectiveness and what are the biggest time wasters in project management?

Especially in project management time planning is a very important factor to work effectively. Apps such as MeisterTask, which make this planning and coordination easier, are of course very helpful. So you always have all the information, data and deadlines of a project at your fingertips. Since the exchange with colleagues is also very important here, it is very helpful that you can communicate directly in the application and thus also messages are organized project-oriented. Otherwise, a simple calendar that enables me to think and plan ahead often helps me personally.

I think that in general there is not one time waster. From project to project there are always other aspects that take up most of the time, because every project is very different. For example, conception takes up most of the time in one project and perhaps the calculation in another. In the end, everything usually balances out.