sustainable trade fair planning

a prime example

The Aluca booth at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018

klardenker GmbH secured the contract to design and implement a trade fair stand for Aluca GmbH as part of theIAA Comercial Vehicles 2018. It was important for the vehicle interior supplier Aluca to present itself with an inviting exhibition stand. The visual appearance of the stand was to be in industrial design and the materials used were to be able to pick up on the popular vintage look. Another important point: the future Aluca stand should be adaptable for smaller trade fairs and thus reusable.

The Aluca GmbH is a company that stands for tradition as well as modernity. From a small craft business, Aluca has now developed into a 150-man company and is part of an international multicorporate group. With the help of a completely customisable modular system, Aluca is able to find the right vehicle equipment for every customer and every vehicle. To this end, lightweight, efficient and mobile organisation systems are developed and manufactured. Aluca, for example, develops the best individual solution for different craftsmen so that the storage space of the vehicle can be optimally used. These vehicle equipment made of aluminium are robust, resistant and lightweight. Aluca sees itself as a company that remains true to its roots and yet is a growing, innovative company. The materials used by Aluca are of high quality and designed for long-term use. For this reason, klardenker developed a trade fair stand concept that is resource-saving and sustainable in accordance with the Aluca and klardenker philosophy - both in the preparation of the trade fair, in the implementation of the trade fair stand and in the follow-up to the trade fair. In this article, we present what the clear-thinking concept is all about and how the sustainable event agency scored so well at Aluca.

A crowd-puller with inner values: The resource-conserving trade fair stand from klardenker

White lacquered furniture and polished stands with light carpets - everyone knows these trade fair stands. The trade fair stands from klardenker stand out, attract trade fair visitors with their special appearance and are designed for long-term use. The choice of materials and the design are always conceived by klardenker with sustainability in mind. In addition, the implementation is also planned with foresight and in detail. In order to implement the holistic vision of sustainability, OSB boards were chosen for the floor at the Aluca stand, for example. This choice of materials scores with its simplicity as well as its high quality. The boards used were processed in a discreet way. The process was simple because the panels were simply painted. This meant that no carpet had to be used. This is a great advantage because most carpets are disposed of immediately after trade fairs and events. With coarse chipboards it is uncomplicated to repair individual areas if necessary. With a carpet this is almost impossible. The OSB boards can also be used for other trade fairs and events without any problems - a great advantage of the material. A completely new look and style can be given to future stands simply by painting the panels. The panels also have a clear advantage over a carpet when it comes to rubbish. Only small blends due to different stand sizes produce a minimal surplus of material. However, even this surplus does not have to be disposed of, but can, for example, be used as underlay material.

Plain, stained wooden panels were used as the material for the walls of the Aluca Stand. Surrounded by a scaffold, the wooden panels are given the desired vintage and industrial look. This style is ideal for reuse, because if the panels get minor scratches or marks, they will match the vintage character of the stand even better.

Sustainable from the first idea to the finished trade fair stand

A trade fair stand made of sustainable and resource-conserving materials is a great thing in itself. But at klardenker not only the finished stand is sustainable. Rather, sustainability plays a role during the entire development process. From the very first idea, klardenker not only checks the feasibility of its concept, but also plans the implementation as resource-saving as possible. Resources should be conserved in all areas and this includes, for example, the necessary logistics for the exhibition stand. The Aluca trade fair stand was designed in such a way that it could be completely delivered with just two trucks. The complete exhibition stand was delivered in a truck from Cologne (approx. 525kg CO2 per leg) and the scaffolding from a local transport company from Hanover (approx. 15kg CO2 per leg). Since the scaffolding is standardized, it can be rented at future fairs in the respective cities. A conventional exhibition stand of this size would probably have required up to three 40t trucks. Every day, an incredible amount of pollutants are thrown into the air on the roads, which damage and pollute the climate and the environment. If the planning of exhibition stands is already based on the lowest possible transport costs, this not only saves resources, but also protects the planet. The customer Aluca has now stored the materials. Thanks to the clear modular system, they are now ready for use at other trade fairs and can be assembled and reused as required.

As a company, we focus on sustainable and resource-conserving materials.

In order to avoid wasting resources at trade fairs and events, companies should focus on sustainable materials and processes. This is well received by both customers and employees. Nowadays, sustainability is more important than ever and a true quality criterion. Especially when planning a trade fair, it is worth taking a look at a conventional trade fair stand compared to a sustainable, reusable trade fair stand. Only four cubic metres of waste were produced during trade fair preparation and post-processing for the Aluca trade fair stand at the IAA 2018. This is a very good figure for a 400 sqm stand. This 400kg waste also includes all new packaging of the products. Just a glance at the 350kg of waste that would have been generated by a regular carpet is enough to show how little waste was generated at the stand designed by klardenker. In the case of a carpet, an additional cover film would have been necessary, which usually consists of plastic and is harmful to the environment. If a company produces special wall panels for a trade fair, at least another 2,500 kg of waste would be produced, depending on the size or implementation. A conventional exhibition stand usually has to dispose of its materials after two or three uses.

Klardenker designs and produces its exhibition stands with a focus on sustainability. These exhibition stands can be reused up to ten times. Due to the modular design, the produced components can be used for different stand sizes. Conserving resources is not only a huge advantage for the environment and our planet, companies also save enormous costs in the long term. The costs for the Aluca trade fair stand, for example, will pay for themselves after just one and a half uses.

Thanks to the careful selection of materials, klardenker has not only placed Aluca's products in the foreground, but has also avoided large mountains of rubbish. Aluca's stand at the IAA 2018 shows how simple it is to create a modern, unique and resource-conserving trade fair stand through well thought-out planning. A big thank you to Aluca for their trust. The klardenker team is happy about another sustainable exhibition stand and to have fulfilled customer expectations.