how to make the trade fair stand

an eye-catcher

There is a lot of competition at trade fairs - similar stands line up next to each other and visitors find it difficult to recognise brands at first glance. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to stand out from the crowd. Many therefore plan a completely new trade fair stand every year - we don't think this is necessary. With our tricks, your trade fair stand will become a crowd-puller:

 1. product selection - less is more

The golden rule for product placement is that less is more. An overcrowded trade fair stand is a sensory overload for visitors and thus an attention killer. Exclusive exhibits attract attention and invite visitors to obtain further information. In addition, the relevant advantages can best be presented in this way. Our tip: Use various presentation media such as a pedestal or a showcase that stands out from the rest of the stand due to its shape or colour. If your product is too large or cannot be transported, it is still worth bringing individual characteristic components with you. It is important that the visitor understands the connection to the big picture.

2. Augmented Reality - The Product in the Interactive World

There is nothing that visitors enjoy as much as trying out products for themselves. Augmented Reality means "augmented reality" and offers the ideal opportunity for trade fair participants to get to know the product - without long queues. It is easy to use: A smartphone or tablet is enough to immerse yourself in the virtual world. With the help of the camera function, real objects can be linked to functions. In combination with the touch display, further information can also be called up. Additional entertainment is provided by integrated animations and games. The virtual tour is particularly suitable for more complex products or services requiring explanation. Reality and virtuality mix: Augmented Reality - an individual as well as sustainable solution.

3. correct lighting - spotlights instead of carnival lighting

The correct lighting insert can also direct the focus to the product. Lighting installations set themselves apart once again from the competition on the left and can usually be easily integrated into the old exhibition stand. Interrupt the pleasant and inconspicuous basic lighting with the help of colour accents and the illuminated highlights will catch the visitor's eye. Nevertheless, a feel-good atmosphere should be created: bright flashing light installations frighten potential visitors rather than attract them.

4. storytelling is worthwhile - making brands come alive

Use the exhibition stand as a platform to tell your story. Because only those brands that touch emotionally will remain in your mind in the long term. On exhibition stands there are many possibilities to personalise the product with a story. Storytelling can be told via pictures and videos or made tangible via interactive media such as apps or virtual reality. It is important that the values of the product are communicated via the story. A pure image film about the product is usually too factual and unemotional.