experience marketing

convince customers with unique experiences

Whether virtual reality, modern touch screens or live marketing measures - digitalisation and new communication channels offer numerous new possibilities for companies to offer their customers a unique experience. But what is an experience and how can a company use it to convince customers of its product or service? Read more in this article. 

What is meant by an experience?

An experience is an emotional event in a person's life that differs so much from the everyday life of the person experienced that it remains in their memory for a long time. Emotions are therefore decisive: joy or excitement make an event a unique experience. An experience can be both positive and negative, and a distinction is made between exciting, satisfying and traumatising experiences. A certain point in time, place or person can also ensure that an experience remains in the mind for a long time. In the field of experience marketing it is therefore important to charge the product with emotions. This can also be achieved by giving customers the opportunity to test and touch the product in order to experience the advantages and features live and see for themselves whether it meets their own requirements. In addition, an experience is always a subjective experience. This means that an event in which different people are involved can be perceived completely differently - this is a component that cannot be influenced.  

In experience marketing, it is important that as many customers as possible associate the experience positively with the company. Events and trade fairs are often seen as networking platforms. The aim of experience marketing is to make products and services experienceable and to place them in the foreground of events. Through successful experience marketing, customers can immerse themselves in the corporate world. Great side effect of a positive experience: If you have a positive experience, you often tell friends and family about it. There is hardly a better figurehead for the company.  

Creating a sustainable experience

In order to stay in the customer's memory and not be one of many companies with large LED walls, eye-catching posters or flyer masses, we recommend the following guiding principle: Less is more! The focus of corporate communication and thus of the experience should be on the product or service. Many companies invest a lot of time, money and creativity in the stand decoration at a trade fair or in the supporting programme of an event and forget to put the spotlight on what the company is all about: the product, because that is what interests the customer most.

If you have any further questions and need tips on sustainable experience marketing and its implementation, please send us a message. We will be happy to advise you!