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What are Digital Events and how can you incorporate them into your everyday life?

The New Normal – Digitalization. We are all familiar with this term by now. But what does digitalization entail? Is it just about the Internet, new technologies and the use of smartphones? No, when we talk about digitalization, we also involve progress in our (work) everyday life. Whether it’s about new structures, new operating systems or flexible working in the home office. To keep up with this trend it is important to attend, hold and facilitate Digital Events. In this blog post, we will go into more detail about what digital events are and how you can incorporate them into your everyday life.

Not only has our everyday life changed due to the digital transformation, but the business world has also been completely turned upside down. Virtually no industry has not experienced a noticeable change in the wake of digital transformation, and the entertainment and event industries are among them.

But how do we define digitalization ?

-Digitization is the conversion of analog values into digital formats and their processing or storage in a digital technical system. –

Accordingly, Digital Events, are a digital format of the analog events known to us so far. Possible formats of a Digital Event are:

– Webinars
– workshops
– meetings
– Lectures / Presentations
– trade fairs
– product presentations
– company parties

Especially in current times during the pandemic, these Digital Events can create proximity and community through simple principles – even at a distance. But this distance does not prevent us from building positive customer loyalty. The digitization of events offers opportunities for acquisition that are likely to be left behind in analog form. This starts with the approach, because with consistent digital promotion of the event, you reach the right people who will be interested in and buy your product not only tomorrow, but also the day after tomorrow and further into the future.

With the right SEO strategy, you will be found on the Internet, the web presence of your event will provide information before the event even begins, and influencers will reach target groups with pinpoint accuracy that can no longer be reached by analog means.

But what makes a digital event successful ?

As with any analog event, a comprehensive and well thought-out concept is the key to success. The next success factor is content tailored to the digital format.

Somewhat different from live events, the digital event requires a special entertainment talent from the presenters and speakers in order to keep the participants glued to the broadcast over a long period of time. Here, of course, boredom, which is not exactly a source of joy, must be avoided. This is already a burden at presence events, and with digital formats it is all the easier for the listeners/participants to simply switch off at the push of a button. Therefore, start engaging prospects before your digital event: Whether it’s on forums, websites, or social media, build an acquaintance with attendees to generate interest in attending your event. In doing so, take the opportunity to ask attendees what they would like to see at the digital event and what their expectations are. It is also important to explain what technical infrastructure is required for successful participation in the digital event.

During the event, don’t forget to be interactive. No one likes to listen to an hour-long lecture during which they can’t participate or get any added value. For example, integrate online whiteboards for digital collaboration or digital game elements.

Do not miss the communication after the event – this is where the interest for the next event is laid. The most convenient way is to link the digital event website and communities on social networks such as LinkedIn. This way you publish all useful information of the digital event and receive direct feedback.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Digital Events ?

+ A very high reach of the Internet allows unlimited capacity of your event and that worldwide.

+ More intensive collaboration allows participants and speakers to get to know each other better.

+ Cost-effective, as organizers and participants do not have to pay for travel, accommodation and catering.

+ Time can be saved by eliminating travel to and from the event.

+ Better evaluation possibilities for the follow-up of topics.

– The basic requirement for a digital event is technology. It can become a disruptive factor (connection speed, incorrect settings, IT policies at the company, etc.).
– Lack of personal contact creates less familiarity and emotions and the sense of community are harder to convey.
– With worldwide digital events, the global time difference must be taken into account.


Given the circumstances, digital events have gained enormously in importance in 2020. The technical possibilities are diverse and have developed faster than probably expected at the beginning. These already offer a solid infrastructure for the successful execution of various types of events. However, it requires enormous expertise and skills to digitally plan and execute an event, trade show or awards ceremony. Each type of event, whether on-site or digital, has its advantages and disadvantages. However, we are very positive about digital events and we are sure that they will be a big part of events in the future.

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